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Snow Farm .jpg

Snow Farm, an 1820's + 1750's farm house

Snow Farm - The New England Craft Program  Residency, April 11-24, 2022  Williamsburg, MA

I was delighted to be able to do a 2-week residency at Snow Farm, using the textile and fabrics studio (with dye kitchen!). Projects included:  linen and cotton dyeing with Procion and natural dyes,  linoleum block printing on fabric, and extensive embroidery on crinoline collages.  Thank you Snow Farm staff!

Table in West Room.jpg

One of the three rooms for the textiles and fibers studio.

Dyed Linen.jpg

The drying room, with screened doors, maybel originally the summer kitchen. 

Embroidery and Printing.jpg

A dyed and printed crinoline collage, with lots of embroidery, plus a sampler idea for embroidered text.

Contemporary Quilts Postcard-1.jpeg

My piece, "Private Conversations" was in this amazing show at Menino Arts Center. 

Linen Plaits close-up.jpg

Linen tablecloth dyed and plaited, on its way to become a sculptural piece.

Dots Paper Proof.jpg

A paper proof of linoleum block "Dots", part of a series of blocks that will be repeat patterns on fabric. 


Lino Block Print,   December 2021

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