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Artist Statement


Creating and contributing something to the world most every day has been an underlying component of my life.  This includes making a home, cooking a meal for others, performing music, or creating some art work.  This I consider an integral part of living, not an optional or superfluous activity.


My childhood was filled with family, laughter, music, art in many forms, and respect for all – these were the basics.  Also included was rational thinking and reasoning, coupled with energetic imaginations and good language skills.  I explored many different realms through the years: pianist, dancer, writer, designer, and now a fiber artist. 


Many things I plan meticulously, but not the fiber art work.  I love to look at things upside down, reversed, chance meetings, trying “what-ifs”, mixing techniques and disparate ideas.  Currently the tools I utilize are painted, dyed and printed fabric and paper; hand stitching and machine sewing; folding, pleating and otherwise manipulating fabric,  and using many types of thread, twine, wire, cables and rope. The pieces that are created often have an internal rhythm, as well as exploring and delighting in beautiful colours, textures and graphic balance.



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